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Tree Free Prints! Printed on 100% Cotton, Petroleum-free, Museum grade white fine art photo paper

Big Picture is an invocation for a better way, where we allow ourselves to explore the finest details of the materials and inputs we use while building to continually cultivate new and exciting ways to inspire a union between nature and technology through artistic forms of expression. 


Fine-Art Glossy Prints on MOAB Juniper Baryta Rag 305

MOAB Juniper Baryta Rag 305 – Glossy

Learn More about Moab Juniper Baryta here.

Fine-Art Prints on Canson Rag Photographique 310

Canson Rag Photographique 310 – Matte

Learn more about Canson Rag Photographique here. 

Why go Tree Free? 

  • wood pulp based papers are non-recyclable due to the plastic coating applied to them 
  • Paper making has become a large contributor to water contamination due to bleach and deforestation
  • Cotton paper is Petroleum & polyethylene free 
  • Cotton paper is 


Big Picture uses the following materials to produce our art. 

Cotton – Matte

Canson® Infinity Rag Photographique is a 100% cotton museum grade white fine-art photo paper. The exceptional smooth white tone is achieved during manufacturing by introducing natural minerals to the process. The Rag Photographique offers a unique extra smooth surface with a sensual feel. It also provides one of the highest achievable Dmax currently available on the market, making it ideal for fine art photography as well as fine art printmaking.  

Cotton – Glossy

With a true barium sulfate coating, the Juniper Baryta Rag 305 Paper from Moab offers a style and feel similar to traditional darkroom FB-type paper due to an excellent density with smooth natural highlights. The paper features a 100% cotton fiber base with a 305 gsm basis weight and it does not use any optical brightening agents for maximum longevity. The paper offers a glossy finish and is made in the USA.


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